ACI RTF Library™

The ACI RTF Library™ is created for programmers who want to quickly generate Rich Text Format (RTF) documents and reports using ColdFusion or ASP scripting language without needing to know how RTF works.

RTF is notoriously hard to generate manually and debug. A single character out of place will corrupt the document so it fails to open or render in your word processor. The RTF Library™ eliminates that possibility.

The RTF Library™ writes formatted RTF content to a string. After the RTF content is assembled, the string can be written to a file or streamed to the user’s web browser directly using MIME type encoding. Documents can be viewed and edited using any word processor that reads RTF format.

A Programmer's Tool for Generating Professional RTF Documents and RTF Reports - For ColdFusion and ASP

ColdFusion: View Examples and Source Code
ASP: View Examples and Source Code

Pricing: $79.99 (includes source code). Click here to purchase.

See our License Agreement (includes right to modify source code for internal use only).


  • Pure scripted code for plug and play functionality. No DLL, CFX or compiled code to install.
  • Unencrypted source code so you can modify the library to suit your purposes (for internal uses only; resale/redistribution of the code library is not covered by the licence).
  • Generates RTF Tables and Graphics.
  • Handles embedded RTF images: inline, absolute placement and document watermarks.
  • Use measurements of choice (TWIPS, inches, or lines).
  • Predefined constants for options and using web colors.


Advantages of RTF Format

Non-Proprietary Document Format: RTF documents can be opened and/or viewed in a variety of word processor applications and text editors including MS Word.

Predictable Layout and Format: Like MS Word and PDF documents, the programmer can generate professionally formatted and stylized RTF documents with specific and exacting measurement requirements. These documents remain consistent regardless of the application used to open them. This is impossible with HTML, which can look and print very differently depending on the user's browser and screen resolution settings.

Small and Efficient: RTF generates a much smaller file size than either MS Word or PDF documents. This means your RTF documents and RTF reports download faster with less load on the server.

Some common uses:

  • Executive reports
  • Merge letters and labels
  • Form letters
  • Standard printable forms
  • Convert messy HTML content to a predicable and nicely printable document.