Educating Employees and Customers with eLearning

Globe in graduation cap connected to many computers.Training is typically a high cost, time intensive process. Whether teaching organizational policies, process changes, or new technologies; training is usually a major expense involving logistics, classroom accommodations, and multiple instructors. With eLearning, you can train more efficiently and eliminate the costs and time constraints of traditional methods.

Mobile Classroom

Technologies have made it easier than ever for employees to work remotely, and the same technologies make it possible to learn from any location, at any time. Custom online courses or installed programs remove the need for travel, meeting room rentals, and time scheduling for classes and conferences. Depending on your training requirements, material can be accessed on demand and at the student’s own learning pace.

One-to-Many Efficiency

Large organizations need ways to communicate to a mass of employees, often in more than one location, and even in locations around the globe. When teaching technology and applications to customers, global reach is imperative. The Internet permits a global reach, and eLearning is adaptable whether you need private content for corporate offices or an open knowledge base for customers.

Customer support costs are often the largest expense for technology and software companies. With eLearning, you can transition customers from one-to-one support to a one-to-many, constantly available resource.


ACI develops custom eLearning applications using Adobe® Captivate®. Captivate provides for rapid content development and deployment. Captivate incorporates HTML5 and can be used to create web based training with rich multimedia. This allows a superior experience on computers as well as mobile devices. We are researching additional technology platforms and plan to start developing with Articulate® in the near future. We also have custom software developers that can help you develop a personalized learning management system or online resource.

Past Projects

We have developed training and eLearning solutions for multiple clients. The largest project was a ten year contract involving both an online LMS and onsite training with the U.S. Army Acquisition, Logistics and Technology Enterprise Systems and Services (ALTESS). We are currently developing and providing eLearning training for the new employee time keeping software being adopted by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Other Training Solutions

In addition to eLearning solutions, we have expert trainers that can provide onsite instruction anywhere in the world. Many staff members have extensive backgrounds working with government and military. We also offer research and technical writing services for creating manuals or online user guides for any subject or technology.

Whatever the goals and requirements of your organization, ACI can help you maximize your training effectiveness and efficiency.

To learn more, visit our eLearning page.

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