Interns Help Us Build PC Drafter: The Next Generation

Since 1998, ACI’s PC Drafter has provided fantasy football managers a tool for optimizing draft picks. We have continued to develop and refine PC Drafter over the years, and for the 2006 season, we integrated the powerful GOLD Algorithm. PC Drafter has become the best in market tool for removing the guesswork from draft day. And, now, we have brought it to the web!

Many of our users have requested a way to use PC Drafter on a Mac or on a mobile device or tablet. We spent this summer making that desire a reality.

With the help of several brilliant interns, we integrated the GOLD Algorithm and drafting mechanics of PC Drafter into a web based application. We call it Gold Drafter.

We have had a lot of fun and have learned a lot bringing our loves of fantasy football and web application development together.

As mentioned, we also took this opportunity to invite along some college interns for the ride. Through the resources of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium and The Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council, ACI connected with business and computer science students to assist us on Gold Drafter.

According to the interns, their time with us was positive and filled with learning new skills:

“It gave us the opportunity for real world experience working on a real product. It increased my confidence.” – Austin Moore, Virginia Tech

“It was exciting to work with so many new technologies. I was introduced to C#, Javascript, JQuery, and .NET.” – Dylan Bowman, Princeton University

They were all also impressed with the ACI team’s desire to help them learn a variety of skills and knowledge, from fantasy football mechanics to marketing to databases and code.

Our team of ACI developers and students overcame some tough obstacles and application bugs. For one thing, think very carefully about whether to go database first or code first when you decide to build a web app. But in the end, they built a really amazing, web-based fantasy football drafting tool, Gold Drafter. Check it out here.

Special thanks go out to our summer interns: Wes Holcomb, Austin Moore, and Dylan Bowman.

And the ACI project team: Jacob Brackett, Kevin Sharp, and Chad Bresette.

And as for what we thought of our interns:

“We were delighted with their hard work and efforts and would relish the opportunity to hire any of them full-time.” – Henry Bass, President of Automation Creations, Inc.

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