Software and Fantasy Football?

We are often asked: why did ACI, with a background of serious, business related software development, decide to help develop and market a fantasy football draft program? The answer is that it appealed strongly to our geeky, engineering, problem solving nature. Oh, and our love of football.

When Brandie Searle began to design the original PC Drafter software, he knew that there had to be a better way to prepare for and execute a fantasy football draft. He knew that an algorithm could be developed that would take into account professional projections, individual league scoring rules, and the decisions of opponents and give an edge without relying on reams of notebook paper, cheat sheets, or guess work. He teamed with Greg Alan of and ACI, and thus was born the Gold Algorithm. If you would like to read the whole story in the words of Brandie Searle, read his article on the PC Drafter site: The Creation of PC Drafter.

So, much like our projects that track materials, audit time keeping and attendance, or generate interactive websites, PC Drafter provides a solution to a problem, a solution that is based on math and computation.

Henry Bass, our president, explains how it was an ideal software based solution:

PC Drafter not only ranks players based on your league’s particular scoring rules, but it also receives updated fantasy projections at the click of a button from the best forecasters in the league: At this time of year, projections are being updated and released several times a week. What’s more, PC Drafter takes into account the makeup of each of your competitors’ teams, and overall league-wide need for certain positions. It makes each pick count because the software projects if you need to take the standout tight end now, or if he should be there your next go-around so that you can continue grabbing the star running backs and wide receivers.

There’s much more to it, explained at the PC Drafter website. Getting into the statistics and predictive behaviors of fantasy football is exactly what interests me: I couldn’t name 10 standout players right now, but I can draft a fantasy team that will grade out in the top 1 or 2 of even the most experienced league, just by using PC Drafter.

As programmers, engineers, game enthusiasts, and fanatical problem solvers, PC Drafter was a natural fit for ACI.

If you have your own tricky problem to solve, we may be able to help. Our custom software solutions may be the answer.

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