Turn Over a New Leaf

ACI recently acquired a new company vehicle, a Nissan Leaf. The Leaf is a zero emissions, electric car. Beyond being environmentally friendly, the car has already proven to be a valuable asset for the company. Our IT team is using the vehicle for client visits, and many of us are using it for day to day business errands. The Leaf has a significantly lower out-of-pocket cost per mile than even the most fuel efficient gasoline cars (see Nissan Leaf on the Wiki). This saves money versus mileage reimbursement for employee owned vehicles.


ACI's Nissan Leaf - left side

Electric charging access has also become more and more convenient. Soon, the Corporate Research Center (home to our offices) will be installing charging stations on multiple lots for tenants. This will make it even easier for our neighbors to go green.

ACI's Nissan Leaf - rear

And it is fun! The ACI Leaf is the “loudest” electric car you will see around Blacksburg and the New River Valley. Employees collaborated on the design of an eye-catching, ACI branded wrap; and it was professionally installed by the talented team at Signarama in Christiansburg .

So keep an eye out for the new electric blue, ACI Leaf.





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One Response to Turn Over a New Leaf

  1. Henry Bass says:

    The Corporate Research Center recently unveiled its first public access charging station, centrally located in its Phase I campus, with another station planned for the Phase II area. Our ACI Leaf can go from zero to full charge in about 5 hours with this equipment- Thanks to the CRC for providing this generous, eco-minded service!