Content Management Systems

CMS options including:

  • Joomla
  • WordPress

Content Management Systems

Any website can benefit from the use of a content management system (CMS). A CMS increases the speed at which you can get your messaging onto your website, and thus, to your customers. Content can be updated easily by multiple users without any knowledge of HTML or programming. Various levels of permission let you control who can submit new articles or who can change the entire site structure and everything in-between.

A CMS also allows you to use individual pieces of content in multiple locations. When this content is updated, it is updated everywhere.

A CMS can be used to manage workflow. A contributor can submit an article or webpage change, then an editor can review the content, and finally, an editor-in-chief or primary stakeholder can approve the new content to go live to the website. Most importantly, this process can be handled without waiting for your IT team.

Lastly, a CMS allows easy content access and organization. It allows you to quickly manage images, documents, video, and more.

ACI provides setup, support, and training for multiple CMS options including Joomla and WordPress.

Here is a comparison of features:

CMS Joomla WordPress
Language PHP PHP
Database MySQL, SQL Server / Windows Azure and PostgreSQL MySQL
Access Web based Web based
User Types Customizable user levels 10 levels of users
Server Environment Microsoft IIS, Linux Unix, Linux
Server Software Apache, Windows Apache, Nginx
Add-ons / Modules e-Commerce, Calendar, Blog, Polls, Forms, and more e-Commerce, Calendar, Blog, Polls, Forms, and more
Templates Custom created or purchased Custom created or purchased
Examples of Work Prime Photonics NRV IP Law
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